Isla James is a print forward swim brand born from a deep intrinsic love of fashion. She is a celebration of the taste of salt crusted on your lips, the feel of sand between your toes and the promise whispered by a chill in the air and snow in the peaks. She is the love child of color and music, reefs and peaks, and texture and form.

She draws from the positive energy created by a shared laugh with your best friend, she aspires to tap into that excited buzz you get when the wheels leave the runway. She completely understands the reason you crack a grin every time you hear the sound of another stamp slamming down on your passport.

She wants to be right there with you. She feels that same desire for an effortless unforgettable style. She thinks that you should leave behind just as beautiful a memory as the ones you take with you. She is inspired by the energy, sounds and sights of the journey, any journey.

Let her be part of yours.